“Just after Christmas, a family friend posted a single picture of a piano on Facebook citing the piano was ‘free’ to anyone who wanted to move it out of her house. I have been wanting a piano for our family for a number of years, but it has not yet been in the budget. I couldn’t resist looking into this offer further. From the one, pretty dark photo, I couldn’t tell much other than the piano would need significant work to “work” for my liking. I pitched the idea of moving the piano from Moose Jaw to Saskatoon and fixing it up to match the image in my head to my husband. His response? That piano is not coming into our house until it is complete. He seems to think it would be years, if ever, for me to figure out how to properly create the look I was wanting. No idea where he would get this idea from?!!! But, alas, that’s where Dani’s Vintage Designs comes in. I have followed Dani for a long while now and absolutely LOVE her work. I knew she was just the person I wanted to tackle this project for me. I sent her the one picture I had of the piano and basically asked, “Can you help me?” She responded almost immediately that she could definitely tackle refinishing/painting it to the style I was looking for (looking for a modern country feel with a classic and timeless white finish). From there I had to source a piano mover who would get the piano, still sight unseen, from Moose Jaw to Martensville (Dani’s space) and then eventually to our home in Saskatoon. Once these arrangements were in place, Dani was booked and we set it in motion.

Working with Dani was a breeze. We communicated primarily on Instagram through direct messaging and some texting. Back and forth we went on what look I wanted and her recommendations for achieving it. Dani was great at sending progress updates right from the moment the piano arrived at her place. As she had questions she promptly sent them over with options for me to consider.

She was always willing to share her opinion when I asked, but I totally felt that she was listening to what I wanted as well. 

The quality of Dani’s work is even more than I expected from what I see online. Y husband and I are down away by the work she did in bringing this old piano back to life. The amount of effort, attention to detail, and general care and attention she gave the project is completely evident in the finished product. Way more than I expected.

As mentioned, I have followed you for a long while now and absolutely love your work and your approach to your business and life in general. Super refreshing and positive. I knew you were a good fit for my personality. 

Of course with anything unfamiliar you don’t know what to expect or necessarily have a comparison to confirm, but my husband and I talked about the amount of work it appeared to be and felt the quote was reasonable. THEN, when we saw the actual work that needed to be done to the piano and the finished product we were more than happy with the value we received for our investment. I believe it is a fine line between offering a somewhat affordable option to people while not compromising the actual value of the work that is being put into the project. I feel Dani’s price was reasonable for our family to be able to go down this road. 

I look forward to being able to partner on future projects (I just need a bigger house to put the items I want in!)”
Chelsea Jukes August, Saskatoon, SK



“I was lucky enough to inherit my parents’ bedroom furniture that they had bought when they were first married about 40 years ago.  It had a few marks and gouges but overall was still in pretty great shape.  I wanted to use the furniture in my daughters’ nursery and the connection to her grandparents made it extra special.  I sent a picture to Dani over Instagram and asked her what she thought.  She told me that she’d be happy to jazz up the furniture for me.  I was delighted and asked her to do her magic!!! I was able to watch the process unfold as she updated her Instagram story which was so exciting to watch! It was a big job as many pieces had to be sanded by hand because there is lots of carving in the furniture and it was too delicate for a sanding device.  Once it was all finished it looked incredible, like a different bedroom set. I was thrilled and my parents were super impressed with her work.  In fact, my parents ended up taking some more furniture to her to restore.  If you have furniture that you “love” or something that you want to look brand new again by all means send it to Dani!  You will NOT be disappointed! She loves her craft and her combination of love and skill transforms furniture like magic. Thanks again for the beautiful work Dani!”
Diana Jemieff Hayes, Saskatoon, SK



“I was fortunate to be given my Grandmother’s dining room table and buffet which is solid wood and dates back to the 1950’s. It’s a beautiful set and triggers so many memories for me – from family suppers to card games, I sat at that table too many times to count. So, although it didn’t match my decor and was in desperate need of some TLC, I was not about to pass it up. My family and I recently moved to a new house which is modern and bright, making the table and buffet feel particularly dark and worn. So I decided the buffet needed a facelift. I had been following Dani’s Facebook page and was impressed with her work so I contacted her about transforming our buffet. I provided some photos for inspiration and asked for her thoughts.  Based on the photos I provided, Dani suggested a charcoal blue that was exactly what I had envisioned. She provided updates throughout the process, including photos and video, and requested feedback before she progressed to each next step. The whole process took less than two weeks and the buffet turned out amazing – she stained the top a dark brown and painted the rest charcoal blue. The colours are perfect with just the right amount of distressing.  The buffet looks vintage chic now and complements our modern and bright decor perfectly. Dani was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. She is great at what she does and is so friendly and passionate. Thank you Dani for transforming this sentimental piece into something that looks great in our home!”
Andie Johnston, Saskatoon, SK



“I had been following Dani on face book for awhile, and admired her work. This is my dresser. It was my grandmas, my dads and then mine. It’s so old and was starting to fall apart. I contacted Dani to see if she could give it new life. Dani and her team did an amazing job! From start to finish she showed me the process and it turned out amazing! It now has a second life and I love it! Thank you!”
Cheryl McKinley, Biggar, SK



“I contacted Dani with the inspiration of a super soft, delicate nightstand table. I’ve always been drawn to beautiful things and I really wanted to design my bedroom in a way that made me feel at home. Dani was prompt in messaging me and openly communicating with me about my custom piece. From the moment I messaged her, she began to look for the perfect night stand to refurbish, not just the first one she stumbled upon, but the perfect one that matched my vision. From start to finish I would say it took 2-3 weeks to find my piece of furniture and for Dani to beautifully transform it into everything and more that I ever imagined it to be. The night stand literally is the focal piece of my room and brings my design together. I love my dresser and it’s truly a classic piece that will stay with me forever and was well worth the investment!!”
Megan Mellquist, Saskatoon, SK