Danielle Wrishko, Owner

Hi! I’m Dani! I’ve been described as sweet and sassy, so I’ll go with that. I’ve also been told that since I was a child I’ve always been head strong. If I want something bad enough, I WILL make it happen. I believe the mind is a very powerful thing.

I love red wine, guacamole and chips whenever it’s not made by me, cooking up vegan and gluten free meals from scratch (yes, both at once), watching funny and adorable animal videos, and pink ANYTHING!

I love painted everything and have always enjoyed a good before and after. I’m happy to be able to see quick results with my furniture makeovers. It truly brings me joy to bring such beauty and art to something so run down and tired looking and transform a whole room with a statement piece.

Aside from painting furniture on the regular, you can find me hanging out at home in my PJs (at all times of the day) with my husband, Steve. We live in Martensville which is a small “suburb” of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We have two english bulldogs, Frank and Sophie, who keep us busy with all of their couch cuddling.