Ready to turn your furniture into your own works of art? Here is what others had to say about the Learn to Paint Course!


“The course covers how to paint furniture from start to finish, in thorough, detailed video instruction! 🙏🏻 If you’re like me, video learning is where it’s at!
I absolutely loved this course, although I’m definitely not a beginner, it was the perfect package – years of learning, experience, trial and error, all bundled into these great little videos for your ease of learning. The course is offered at an amazing price – and once you’ve enrolled, you have lifetime access. Speaking from experience, because I too have spent years learning from many, MANY different sources over time, this course is priceless. It’s easy. You won’t need to look elsewhere for “how to” do this or that when it comes to the basics of furniture painting because, well, it’s all right there!!!
From sanding to priming, what materials to use, how to mix your own chalk paint using @bbfrosch chalk paint powder, and how to put those finishing touches on your own piece – Dani has poured her heart and soul into this course and into sharing all of these great tips. If we can do it, so can you! I encourage anyone who is curious or has that itch to start painting furniture, to take your first steps by enrolling in the course – you won’t regret it!”



“I am grateful for finding Dani’s online tutorials. I took it last week and learnd so much! Three things I like about this course: 1st, super affordable! 2nd, super detail oriented. She literally tells you everything you need to know, such as the product she uses to block furniture bleeding and the different polyurethane for light and dark paint (I mean, I wouldn’t even know they have a difference!) 3rd, it works! I followed her step by step and the end result looks so smooth! GO TAKE HER COURSE, you will not regret it!”



“This course is outstanding! I am so happy I made the small investment because it has provided me with such huge returns, and really helped me up my game and produce a much better quality piece! I love how the material is delivered in short segments because I find myself going back again and again to watch a segment that addresses just what stage I am at in the project. It is so quick and easy to find the answer to my question. And all the tips and tricks to getting a flawless finish are fantastic! Thank yo so much for making this course available, and for being the amazing supportive person you are!”



“I stumbled across Dani’s feed a few months back while I was searching through Instagram and I’m so thankful I did! Her vision, talent and experience in refinishing furniture really shows in the perfection that she produces. Her work inspired me to take her online course on painting and I’m so glad that I did!
I have always loved old furniture and coming up with different ways on how to repurpose each piece, and had just recently got into painting. By taking this course, I was able to tighten up my skills as well as glean incredible knowledge that will last a lifetime from someone who’s been working full time in the industry for almost 5 years. The course covers a wide range of topics (that you can do at your own pace) and takes you start-to-finish on what you need to do to refinish your own beautiful piece.
She’s encouraging, inspiring, and one amazing girl boss and I’m excited on the daily to see what she’s going to come up with next!”



“So a couple of years ago I bought a French provincial dining set and FINALLY got brave enough to tackle painting the buffet. I couldn’t have done it without some amazing tips from @danisvintagedesigns online course! I already have my buffet from Dani which I absolutely love, so will be listing this one for sale! This was painted using @bbfrosch chalk paint powder and @behrpaint in “Antigua” and accented with metallic silver hardware”



“I recently took @danisvintagedesigns online course on how to refinish furniture. It was an informative refresher with step by step instruction on how to produce a quality refinished piece- great for beginners! My most loved part of it was learning how to use @bbfrosch as well as finding out what Dani’s products of choice are. 10/10 recommend. Follow along for other transformations using #paintitlikedani”



“This table went from old and tired to beautiful farmhouse ready with @danisvintagedesigns wonderful e-course. If you have been wanting to take the plunge with updating your furniture, but don’t know where to start, Dani has you covered! Start to finish she explains it all! It was such a great refresher course for me. I even learned a few things! You have to give this girl a follow. #goals”



“@danisvintagedesigns, thank you so much, I learned so much in your class, I started with a couple of pieces for myself and made a lot of mistakes. I painted a buffet 3 times not knowing that all these really old pieces would need primer because like you say 99.9% of the time they bleed, until I took your class and learned all the necessary steps, before learning from you all I know is I was paying so much money to have my pieces refinished, now I can do it all from home. I can’t wait to take on my next project and keep making you proud of the amazing talented teacher and painter you have become, thank you again so much!”


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