Hey guys!

Yesterday was a blast. Me and mom went shopping to Lawson Heights mall in Saskatoon mid day. She wanted to find clothes using her Maurice’s gift cards she’s been hoarding. She got some super nice clothes, and she was very happy. They had a deal on where you spend $150 and get $50 off, so she said for me to use the $50. I did and a little bit more! I had been wanting a nice fuzzy vest for a while, preferably in pink, but this is kindof like a dusty rose taupe grey kindof shade. Close enough!

I obviously need to work on myself, and It’ll come in time because as I was trying on the clothes, I didn’t feel big or anything but I came out of the dressing room to show my mom and I said “I feel like this makes me look bigger than I am”. I think I somewhat ticked off a lady who was bigger than me because she said something to the tones of “oh come on, if only I looked like that, when you get to this age and look like this…” or something to that extent. I felt bad. I should really keep my critiques to myself and just be silent, I just didn’t really notice her beside me outside the change room – I was talking to my mom, not an audience, or so I felt. That was awkward. She looked great – we all look great just as we are. I just felt in the mirror the things I was trying on made me look BIGGER than what I feel I am.

Sometimes I feel like I have reverse body dysmorphia – how I look and feel in my mirror at home, when I go out or see myself in pictures, I think “I don’t feel like I look quite like that”. Anyone else feel that way?!

K, but the highlight of our shopping trip, I’ve been wanting to try virtual reality for a long time! I’ve been trying to get my mom to be more spontaneous lately, and somehow my influencing skills worked. We went on the “Wild Ride Roller Coaster”.

The lady who was working there barely understood English so it was hard to communicate with her, but we did get on the “ride”. It was an area of seats clumped together like theatre seats, we had to be buckled in and everything. It said if people are prone to seizures, motion sickness, vertigo, etc, that they can’t go on. Also need to be under 60 years old, my mom is getting there so we can cross that off the bucket list of things she never knew she wanted to do – and will not do again. It was SOOOOO fun you guys. My mom was freaked out, I couldn’t stop laughing, mostly because I thought it was so fun, and because I couldn’t believe I wrangled her to do this with me. Hearing her being anxious and nervous while doing all the twists and turns (it moves you like a roller coaster) I could not stop laughing. I’m sure people from outside of the VR centre thought I was absolutely nuts, but I didn’t care. It’s moments like those that you remember for the rest of your life. I think she was amping up her disenjoyment, but she was chuckling after so I knew she kindof had fun.

The only thing is that with eyelash extensions, the goggles go really close to your eyes so they were squishing them a bit. It rubbed off both of our shaded in eye brows as well hahaha. WORTH IT!

Later during the day when I got home and joined Steve and the doggies, we had a nice cuddle on the couch. We rested up and drank coffee because we knew we were going to my friend Kirsten’s “surprise birthday party” starting at 9:30 PM. ONLY she (and a few others) could ever get me to skip my 9 PM bedtime and start my night so late. She is worth it!

Only one person got there before I did, I subtly opened the door and she was walking down her hallway on a mission and saw me and was so confused. I’ll never forget that look, it was epic! She was happy and I was so excited to celebrate her bday with her!

I sipped on some Nutrl adult beverages. They’re not that great. She said she was surprised to not see me drinking wine. I said I was a bit sad about it, but I’m on a mission to lose weight and wine makes me too hungover the next day if I drink a bit too much. But isn’t that with everything? Steve’s getting sick, his eyes were like little slits last night, he’s a trooper for heading out so late and being sick, but he likes Kirsten. Anything for the Kirsten!

I think everyone last night at the party could agree that little Merlin was stealing the show. He’s such a nice dog, always wanting to lick you, just love him!

I hope you all have a great Sunday! Have any of you tried VR before? You must TRY VIRTUAL REALITY if you haven’t!