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Yesterday was a day of knocking off lots of tasks from my business to do list while mama sanded down the dining chairs, which are the hardest part of any dining set. I did a lot of cooking and assembling delicious healthy meals. The weekends are usually a bit tougher to stay as much on track as I’d like because Steve is home and most weekends are spent away from home for a bit – with family, friends, or dates.

The weekdays are much easier to be focused and in a healthy routine.

I polled Instagram/Facebook showing my mashed cauliflower (mashed potatoes – but cauliflower) and asked if you’ve tried mashed cauliflower before and the majority said yes, but it was almost close enough to be 50/50. So for those of you who haven’t tried it, this one is for you! Mashed cauliflower is the BOMB!!! I could seriously have it every day. It’s a lot of work though so be prepared if you’d like to try it.

I added a large bag of cut and washed cauliflower (Bonnipak from Costco) to water enough to cover, and brought to a boil. I also added about 7 large garlic cloves to the cauliflower and water mix because – GARLIC. The boiling softens it up nicely.

Here’s the recipe I followed lightly, especially for how to cook the cauliflower.

Of course, this isn’t a vegan recipe. I usually just follow recipes and veganize and gluten free-enize them myself. Once the cauliflower was drained, I ran some cold water over it because I didn’t want to wait for it to cool down. Squeezing the cauliflower of excess water once it was done boiling and drained, I’d say an extra 2 or so cups of liquid came out of squeezing it. I used a large kitchen towel to drain the water out. I had made mashed cauliflower at Thanksgiving and it was pretty watery. Now I know why because I didn’t do this step.

After squeezing out all the water, it yielded about 2 cups of mashed cauliflower. Wah. It was disappointing to see such a large bag of cauliflower shrivel down to 2 cups…I was disappointed because I live for leftovers and we ate it all in one meal.

I added about 2 heaping tablespoons of Becel Vegan Margarine and 4 tablespoons of Earth Island Sour Cream. And salt. Lots of salt. Probably about 1/2 tsp – 1 tsp, somewhere in there. I really like salt. It’s my nemesis. I popped this all into the food processor until they were mashed potato consistency.

It WAS PERFECT. Steve loved them too. He’s had my mashed cauliflower in the past but wasn’t quite a fan. But this squeezing the water out trick, they were seriously amazing.

Spinach salad with mashed cauliflower

I made Steve a lovely dish of this mashed cauliflower and a side spinach salad, he had been working all evening for me for my customer’s item. He also had a large scotch on the rocks. I don’t know how he drinks that stuff. ICK!

I think I’m retaining a lot of water in the last few days – probably because I’m eating too much salt/sodium. It’s one thing I’m not good at giving up because to me salt = flavor. I stepped on the scale and I was 4 pounds heavier than 2 days before. I know it’s not actually physically possible, just irritating when you want to see the number go down rather than up from your hard efforts. I’ll have to try and watch my sodium intake and up my water and see if that helps. Could also be hormonal fluctuations. I don’t know, I’m not an expert on this. I’m just talking to myself, haha.

My friend/neighbor across the street moved here not even a year ago, and we only met in the summer. I especially noticed her when I saw her adorable bulldog puppy and of course beelined to her asking to pet him. I told her I had two bulldogs too, and her and her significant other said the reason they got a bulldog was because they had seen this couple around the neighborhood walking two bulldogs and fell in love. Ahem – that’s us! We’ve connected a lot since then and had a few hangouts. We’re both on a deep level of friendship and understanding, it’s so awesome to find new friends who think the same way as you do at this age. She had been hiring dog sitters to come during the day to let Maverick out since she works shift work, and I said hey, you don’t need to do that! I can come anytime and let him out and give him attention during the day when I can! She was really happy!!

Yesterday me and my mom took a break from work and went over to see him and took him for a very chilly walk. He’s a puppy alright, and mighty strong! It was really nice. Sophie doesn’t like Maverick, she is an elderly dog now so doesn’t tolerate him well. Frank is not good with other dogs, so we can’t have them all together which makes me a bit sad. I felt guilty taking someone else’s dog for a walk yesterday and not mine so I took Franky boy for a stroll, he was so happy. Sophie’s legs are injured right now so she can’t do any exercise. Even walking up and down stairs isn’t good for her. I’ve had to cancel her swim lessons at Saskatoon Water Paws twice because she still isn’t better.

I took her for a car ride instead to deliver some BB Frosch powder to the post office which was going to Ontario. She was soooo cold and shaking so I wrapped her up like a baby. Hehe.

More on Sophie -> she’s seemed to be a bit better over the last couple weeks since bringing her to the vet. She’s on pain meds and the CBD oil to try and help her joints and anxiety problems. The vet thinks it’s simply because she’s in pain from her legs and the cold weather that her legs are acting up. She hasn’t woken us up in the night for a good week and a half, it’s been heavenly. This AM Steve said she was barking and woke him up three times last night. I think it’s because we were all cozy together on the couch, sent her outside before bed, then came in and our cuddle time was abruptly over. We’ve been easing into bedtime more lately – put her out, then come back in for a nice cuddle for half an hour – 1 hour until she’s sound asleep and relaxed. Last night was the first night in our good stretch of sleeping that we didn’t do that so that could be why. OMG, it sounds like we have a newborn keeping us up at night. Could you imagine a real baby here with these two senior bulldogs on top of it? I honestly am not strong enough to handle that much stress, and will not put myself into that situation at this time. Too much.

My mood was pretty low yesterday – for no apparent reason, and as I write this Tuesday morning, I was feeling the same way I did yesterday. Not happy, not sad, I guess “frustrated and a bit worried” are the feelings I was having yesterday and the start of today.

This morning as I sat down, I put my ear plugs on because the dogs were in the room with me and their snoring is very distracting, haha. I thought really deeply about things. I was trying to figure out what exactly was bothering me because I’m usually super happy unless I’m having an obviously bad day. But when nothing seems apparently wrong – then something IS apparently wrong TO ME and I’m not paying attention to it.

I’m going to spare you the details for most of my problems because my problems are my own. But I did something that really helped, and I want to share with you just in case you have these days too.

I wrote out a numerical list of things that are making me feel angry/worried at this time. I’ll give you an example just so you can see what I mean, one I don’t mind sharing from my list:

  1. We wanted to buy a new oven soon and with me cooking more and more healthy meals and our oven not working, I feel very stressed out about it. Frank and Sophie’s expensive vet bills last week (yes, they both had emergencies within a few days of each other) made that not be able to happen as soon as I’d like because they came first, so no oven for a while.

I decided to write down all my stresses happening right now and it felt really nice to release them and put them all out where I could see them rather than having them sitting in my brain not dealing with them.

I then went through each and every “problem” and addressed them like I was speaking to my good friend needing advice about her problems. We’re always so much gentler and realistic when speaking to our friends, right? So why not follow our same great advice and apply it to ourselves.

Here was my answer to myself:

  1. This is really fricking annoying because you love to cook. BUT you have a little toaster oven that your mom went to nicely pick up for you yesterday that works – just smaller. This will be just fine until you guys can afford new appliances. It’s not ideal but this is all just temporary. Be grateful for what you have – including Frank and Sophie.

When I really looked at these problems and wrote down answers and solutions to them, what I noticed is that I’m really just lacking patience and grace at this time. I’m being hard on myself and wanting everything to happen NOW NOW NOW but not just letting things be. I think I’m feeling out of control and it’s not a feeling that’s sitting well with me at this time. I’m creating problems and fires in my mind that are actually not that big, but my mind is playing tricks on me. I’m deciding to snap out of this funk because it’s foreign and I don’t like it. I’m also a firm believer on when you’re negative, worried, sad, angry -> more of it comes your way. I’m not talking about grief here. I’m talking about a negative perception about life – it’s a choice.

It’s time to be that happy bright light again because when I’m down, everything will come down with me. When I’m up – I can help others better, I can make a better impact and show up to the ones who care in a better way, and I have more abundance that comes my way which would help with a lot of these problems that we’re having right now.

Now to some of you, you may feel like I’m crazy and I totally get it, especially if you’re joining me for the first time of this blogging journey today. But to some of you, this may make sense to you. And I encourage you if you’re in a slump or feeling worried, write it out. Let your feelings out. Sometimes our problems are not as big as we’re making it out to be in our heads.




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