• Amy says:

    Wow! This post was great, thanks for sharing Dani. It’s like we’re twins. I’m so the same as you. I too hate being blindsided it’s the worst feeling.

  • Lana says:

    I’ve tried body talk too with great results and discovered things from my subconscious that held me back. Its hard to be on the road of self discovery but you’ll come out stronger. Proud of you for facing it rather than hiding from it. I’m 42 and still working on myself. Will always be. Gets easier with time

    • Dani's Vintage Designs says:

      So happy to hear that you’ve tried it and had great results. Let’s keep on bettering ourselves together!

  • Anonymous says:

    We are all and always should be working on ourselves
    We are a different person every minute and always trying to grow

    As I said before you are recognizing this early in your life

    Some people go through life without stopping to
    think about or evaluate anything


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