Hey Guys! It’s Monday!

Yesterday (Sunday) we came home at 1:45 AM celebrating my friend Kirsten’s birthday, got home and to bed around 2:15 AM and I was up around 8:30 AM. The last time we were out that late was when we hung out with Kirsten and her fiancé back in January! We were both exhausted yesterday, we’re not used to being out that late! It was so much fun though, it was worth it!

We’re not really party-ers anymore. I was when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, but Steve has tamed me. I like it this way. I remember being young and always wishing for what I have now, and even now that we’ve been together for 8 years, I love our “lame” life together going to bed at 9, opting for chill nights at home rather than partying and being with crowds. I feel lucky to have this life because it’s what I’ve always wanted.

The week is when I get most of my socializing in – with friends, family, etc. I like my weekends to be more of my relaxing time where I can truly reset from what has happened during the week in the business and get me geared up for the upcoming week. I’m not exactly saying that my only purpose for relaxing and being the best I can be Is only for the week coming up and for the business, but I just feel like it all just interconnects. I’m a happier person when I can take care of myself in that way. To me – relaxing and resetting is not being “on” in business when I don’t want to be. If I’m “on” or online posting something on the weekend, it’s because I’m recharged and feel like it. If I don’t, I stay away and honour myself.

Steve was sick again yesterday I think coming down with a cold/flu and he was nauseous. He was like this at Thanksgiving too and we had to miss his family’s get together. Weird that he had the same thing three weeks apart. Because of that, we opted for a sit down on the couch the whole day and binge watch Shameless. Some days I’d be bothered if that was what my whole day consisted of, but it felt really good to just shut off for the entire day and do nothing.

Speaking of my relaxing moments, I can honestly say since I’ve started this 30 day Journey, now on day 22 – I haven’t been or felt burnt out even once this whole time. I guess launching my new e-course was a little bit nerve wracking, but that’s the only thing that’s really gotten me stressed out this month.

I’m so happy it’s now out to the world! Now it could be that we came home from a week long vacation early October, or it could be that I’m really being mindful about not working so much and working on so many different things at a time. I’m not sure but I’m loving this pace! I’m going to keep this up!

PS – If you’ve been following Sophie’s journey (the one in the photo today) – she’s doing a lot better! She seems happy. I’ll update you more on that tomorrow.

Hope you’re excited for your day and week ahead!