Are you curious about how much refinished pieces cost?

Take a look at the available pieces for sale as prices are noted with each listing!

But what if you brought in your old furniture to be custom refinished?

Here at Dani’s Vintage Designs, our main focus is on large scale projects. The bigger the item, the bigger the transformation, the bigger the statement! We’re drawn to the big guys and we specialize in this area! We want to transform your old, worn, sentimental items into upscale statement items you can love again! We love to focus on one large project at a time to be able to give superior customer service and attention!

Here are the most common items Dani’s Vintage Designs refinishes for customer-owned pieces, but if it’s not on the list, feel free to reach out and ask! At this time, we’re not focusing on small projects, but please feel free to reach out if you have an inquiry! These are just some examples:

2020 Updated Custom Price List:

9 Drawer Dresser: $995 – $1495

Long Buffet / Sideboard / Credenza: $1295 – $1795

Piano: $1895 – $2595

Dining Sets (for example, table and 6 chairs): $2995 – $3695

These prices are for one solid paint color only. Backs of items, interior doors/cupboards/drawers are not painted unless special requested in the add-ons below. Stripping/staining may be achievable depending on your item and at an extra charge. I only strip and stain tops of items, drawer faces, and cupboard doors if they’re solid wood. I don’t strip veneer. See below for additional options and pricing.

Additional Options (Ex: if an item is a base price of $895 and you’d want a stripped and stained top, the add-on calculation would be $895 X 0.3 = $268.50 add-on price):
  1. Stripped and sealed bare wood OR stained top – 30% charge
  2. Stripped and sealed bare wood OR stained handles – 30% charge
  3. Stripped and sealed bare wood OR stained drawer fronts – 45% charge
  4. Light Distressing – 30% charge
  5. Heavy Distressing – 40% charge
  6. Painted Interior Cupboards/China Cabinet Interior – 40% charge
  7. Painted Drawer Bottoms – 10% charge
  8. Painted Interior of Drawers on all sides – 20% charge
  9. Painted Exterior of Drawers – 15% charge
  10. Fully Painted Interior and Exteriors of Drawers – 35% Charge
  11. Painted Back of Item – 15% Charge
  12. Drawer Lining – $25/drawer
  13. New Hardware – We can find new hardware together online at the expense of the customer 
  14. Damage Repair – We have someone in house that can fix most wood repairs, no matter how scary they may be. Please mention this in your quote since every fix is different!
  15. Metal Base Addition – Perhaps you’ve loved the look of metal bases lately but didn’t realize you may be able to have one on your own item! Straight lined items work the best for these, but send a photo and we can try and best accommodate you. A metal base can vary per project but for a large dresser roughly $300-$400. It adds huge impact, height, and spread stability while adding that height!

Please note that if you’d like to book an appointment to talk about custom work/see my items I have for sale in person before committing to custom work, I require a $50 non-refundable appointment fee. This is deducted if custom work is booked or an item purchased within one week of your appointment. **Please note, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no in-person viewing appointments. Instead, I can send various photos, videos, or live Facetime calls to make you feel more comfortable!**

To book your item in, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to book the work and guarantee your spot in the custom work calendar. If it’s one of my items in my possession I’m customizing for you, the full amount of the asking price is required immediately to book it in and customize.

To book your custom work in to be refinished CLICK HERE.