Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say!

“My first impression of Dani and her work was one of respect and envy. To see a young woman doing something she loves and doing it so well made me very excited. She was friendly and outgoing and the minute she opened up that door and I saw her finished products I knew I was hooked. Every bit of her business is totally professional. She has an artistic flair second to none and I do believe she can read a piece of furniture.

The first dresser I bought was perfect for what I was looking for to put in the spare bedroom; however, having said that every time I check out her items for sale I see something else that is totally perfect. I guess that would explain why I have so many pieces of her furniture artistically enhanced by Dani. I love her work and I am proud to say I made a new friend in the process. The majority of my pieces are in my living room. They have transformed my living area where let’s face it, we spend a huge amount of time in – into my own little paradise.

To say I love it would be an understatement. It has restored my faith in how wonderful those old solid wood pieces of furniture really are. I have seen other painted pieces of furniture but they just look painted to me. Dani has such a flair it actually puts life back into the pieces.

I think every home needs a bit of color and a little something that stands out. Why not have at least one piece, or in my case, several pieces of furniture that stand out and everyone is going to ask about. I would recommend Dani to paint anything that is possible to paint.

Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake, and get a piece of Dani’s painted furniture!”

– Shelley
Prince Albert, SK


“I recently purchased not one but two incredible buffets from Dani. Living near Calgary I didn’t think it was possible but she made it happen! I’ll admit I was nervous buying furniture I couldn’t view in person.
Dani instantly put me at ease. My first impression was that she was very professional and prompt in answering any & all of my questions. Buying furniture is a large purchase & I never felt pressured to buy anything.  She was absolutely lovely to deal with & I liked her immediately! That is huge to me – I tend to support & buy from people I like. Dani sent me additional photos, as well as videos showing her opening & closing drawers/doors – which really helped me to feel like I was viewing in person. Dani was very prompt & reliable with delivery. My buffets arrived safely & they were even more stunning & beautiful in person! I love the unique characteristics & charm these solidly built buffets add to my home. I am also very happy with the quality of Dani’s work and the quality of the vintage pieces she selects. I had been admiring Dani’s work on Instagram for sometime. She truly has an eye for design & colour and is extremely passionate about what she does! I would highly recommend purchasing furniture from Dani & would absolutely purchase from her again”

Strathmore, AB


“I had been searching for this type of item for a long time and I was so excited I finally found what I was looking for.  The item I purchased is a beautiful white buffet and it brightens up our space! Yet it makes it feel cozy and adds this elegant touch.  I am so happy with it! Dani’s attention to detail and style really sets her apart. You can tell it’s a “Dani piece” from the styling, piece selected and if the piece is distressed, she does it beautifully!  When I inquired about my latest furniture item, my first impression was how responsive Dani was and what amazing customer service! I would and have recommended Dani’s work to the people I know. I’ve purchased several pieces now. So much better than “box store” items. They are unique and have been given a new life with a lot of work and love. You are so wonderful!!! Thanks again Dani!”

Saskatoon, SK



“When I first met Dani she was happy and kind and I was thrilled to see the pieces I had purchased and how beautiful they were! She also had some other pieces that were in the storage unit that were nice to see in person.  Truly pictures do not do justice to what these pieces look like in real life! Both Dani and her husband were super helpful with loading the furniture and helping us get on our way! It’s been so much fun to get my purchases home and to play around with placing them and styling them to my decor!

Each of the pieces I purchased add charm and character to our home! I have seen and purchased other pieces of furniture from other talented people as well but what I appreciate about Dani is her cheerful disposition and easy nature as well along with the quality of work that she puts into each piece. I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing refinished furniture from Dani as she is talented and takes great care in her work! She has been wonderful to deal with and I am so pleased with the pieces that I have purchased from her!”

– Colette
Tisdale, SK



“When I first found Dani’s website I had been looking for an alternative to the farm furniture look that I had in my home for many years. Although I have loved every piece of furniture I had, I was ready for a change in decor. Unfortunately nothing I found suited me at all, as I love country and I love colour. I started looking for alternatives and found Dani’s Facebook page. I followed her for 6 to 8 months looking at all the amazing work and furniture. She offered such interesting pieces that would work in so many different decors. I know I would find something sooner than later because I loved everything she had. Suddenly there it was! The perfect navy buffet. I met Dani at her storage location and found her to be amicable and professional. Soon I had the perfect painted piece installed in my home and it pulled together my whole new look. I have never been able to settle for store bought wood furniture so graduating from the farm furniture pieces I had to the sophisticated country painted furniture pieces that Dani offers, was perfect for me. I would highly recommend to everybody, no matter what your decor choices to shop at Dani’s Vintage Designs to introduce a piece of painted furniture to your home, it adds such flavour and warmth and you will love it!”

Saskatoon, SK




“I am the very proud owner of one of Dani’s buffets. I first met Dani last summer however I had been messaging with her for sometime before this as I was on a mission for the perfect piece for my small space. I immediately felt as though Dani was an old friend. The one morning on Dani’s page there it was the piece I had been waiting for. I met with Dani to have a look at the beautiful white buffet she just finished. It was even more gorgeous in person. The quality of Dani’s work is like no other and the piece I now call my own makes my space. I have a small home with a decent sized front entryway. Now the first thing I see when I come in my front door is this magnificent piece and it makes me feel proud that something so beautiful is mine. I would recommend Dani to anyone looking for a statement piece for their home. Her attention to detail is evident in each piece. Dani is not only very professional but will make you feel like family”

Martensville, SK


“I was super impressed with the first dresser I purchased, when pictures didn’t do it any justice. She was very friendly, approachable, and I appreciated that. All the pieces that I have purchased from Dani fit in perfectly with my home decor, it makes my home very attractive and yet, cozy and comfortable.  What I feel sets Dani apart from other painters is that her pieces retain much of the original character, when I’m looking for older pieces, I’m not looking for pieces that are perfect. I love that she retains this character…otherwise, I could just go to a furniture store for new pieces! I would and do absolutely recommend Dani to my friends….thank you for the great work you do. You have many pieces that suit many different styles and tastes…If i could, I would buy almost every piece that you have refinished/painted! Thanks so much, Dani! You do awesome work.”

Prince Albert, SK

“I first came across Dani’s beautiful work on her Facebook page a couple years ago. I was in awe of everything she worked on.
I only dreamed of owning a piece from her collection. I purchased a nightstand from Dani which she delivered to me.
We immediately hit it off! She is such an amazing beauty! I now have 4 amazing pieces all over my home and are so in love with all of them.
I am now hooked! Her restoration of furniture is absolutely impeccable!!!! I would by all means recommend Dani’s Vintage Designs”

– Bev
Martensville, SK