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  • Day 2 of 30 – Well, that Didn’t go as Planned!

    Hey guys! Before I get into the details of the day, just wanted to say I found a delicious tofu scramble recipe that I won’t be straying from. Sooo so good! Sooo yesterday didn’t go as planned at all! Two nights ago we went over to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving and yesterday we were […]

  • 30 Day Blog Challenge! Who’s with Me?

    Hey guys! Dani here! I’m challenging myself to do a 30 Day Blog Challenge – one I’m self-embarking on where I’ll be writing a blog post every single day for 30 days! I’m so inspired by Blogilates 90 Day weight loss and fitness journey and making herself write a blog post for 90 days about […]

  • Setting Boundaries to Prevent Burnout

    We went to LA and the surrounding areas recently for a vacation and it was magical! Trust me, I’m not here to talk about all the fun things we did on our trip. I want to talk about something I see a lot of us doing and I think it’s the reason a lot of […]