• Laura says:

    Loved this – thank you for sharing

  • Kate says:

    Thanks so much for saying what is clearly in everyone’s minds who has a business. It’s not always easy or rainbows and sunshine and i wish people could see what we go through day to day and how much work it is physically and emotionally. But as you say it’s always worth it

  • Ashley says:

    Loved reading this so much and exactly what’s on my mind too sometimes. I have a small jewellery business and the same things happen to me and it’s also a roller coaster in this business. I can’t relate to the don’tpaint that comments but I could see how that would be annoying. Keep being your amazing self Dani

    • Danielle Wrishko says:

      I’m so glad you could relate. I’m sure it’s very similar in any type of business there will always be ups and downs and roller coasters. Thank you so much for reading!!!

  • Danielle says:

    Do the damn thing doll, you are inspiring to me and lifting each other up is the best! You are amazing at what you do! Much love!

    • Danielle Wrishko says:

      Hi!! You’re so inspiring to me too, just a ray of lovely sunshine!! Love following you and watching your journey! 🙂

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